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We are a global technology innovation firm working with connected devices to create the best customer experience ecosystems in retail, banking, healthcare and more. We have built our reputation on delivering on these ideas and transforming customer experiences. And technology plays the core piece our work.
We believe that the new age of connected devices finally allows us to amplify these ideas to reality. By bringing together inventors, strategists, designers and engineers under one-roof, we create that reality.We want to see great ideas come to life in the world we live. And our global footprint helps us learn from each other while still thinking locally.
Come and talk to us in London, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne and now Dubai.
Apple opens OS X Beta test to the public
Apple launched a beta test for OS X 10.9.3 to interested parties this week. The program, called OS X Beta seed program, allows consumers to join Mac developers in test-driving of the next OS X Mavericks update. The currently version is 10.9.2. Apple puts it thusly: Join the OS X Beta Seed Program and help make OS X even better.
Robotic printer rolls on paper to print
In the age of the mobile evolution, everything seems to be getting more nimble and lean and the printer is no exception. Zuta Labs, an Israel-based company led by a group of geekers, launched their mini mobile robotic printer recently. “Finally! Mobile printing is really here! A printer that goes where you go & prints from your phone on any size page!
‘Satnav’ footwear now guides you home
  The days of trying to decipher a map on your smartphone will soon come to an end because a new product, ‘Satnav’ footwear is going to tell you the route. Two Indian engineers, 30-year-old Krispian Lawrence and his 28-year-old partner Anirudh Sharma, have invented the shoes. Different from those GPS-based shoes before, ‘Satnav’ is linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth and will emit a discreet vibration in either foot telling ...
StoreDot says it can charge your phone in 30 seconds
StoreDot, an Israel-based startup, unveiled its new technology battery prototype at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv. The company demonstrated their new technology on a Samsung Galaxy 4S battery to show how it charged the phone battery to a 100% in 30 seconds. StoreDot was born out of the nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University and originally focused on memory chips made of nano-crystals.
Google Kicks Off April Fool’s Day With Pokémon Prank
It’s that time of year, where Google pulls out quirky yet addictive ‘pranks’ from its sleeve. This year, they kicked of April Fool’s day with a Pokemon game for its employees. “Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps. To find and catch ‘em all, you’ll need to tap into your inner Pokémon Master,” Abby, Google Maps Community Manager wrote in ...
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