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We are a global technology innovation firm working with connected devices to create the best customer experience ecosystems in retail, banking, healthcare and more. We have built our reputation on delivering on these ideas and transforming customer experiences. And technology plays the core piece our work.
We believe that the new age of connected devices finally allows us to amplify these ideas to reality. By bringing together inventors, strategists, designers and engineers under one-roof, we create that reality.We want to see great ideas come to life in the world we live. And our global footprint helps us learn from each other while still thinking locally.
Come and talk to us in London, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne and now Dubai.
FabriQate UK’s American Interns
FabriQate’s London office is lucky enough to have two interns currently joining us from their respective Universities in America. Adam and Alec are getting a taste of what it is like to work in mobile and what it is like to work in a city like London, and will be sharing their experiences in this blog up until Christmas. Adam Minton’s home school is Indiana University – Bloomington and he’s studying ...
The future of shopping: the mobile market
The Mobile Generation There is a global trend towards mobile technology that is both enhancing people’s daily lives and enhancing the businesses that serve them. We can see better than ever the nature of the relationship between people and services. FabriQate’s role is to provide innovative mobile solutions for companies looking to tap in to the growing trend of reaching customers in this way.
The rumours were true: iPad Mini
  Just one month after the announcement of the iPhone 5, Apple were back on the stage to reveal a host of changes to their Mac line, and to announce the much expected iPad Mini. Not surprisingly it’s a ‘mini’ version of its successful big brother, the iPad, although Apple tried hard to convince us that they haven’t ‘reduced’ the iPad, but rather ‘concentrated’ it. iPad Mini has a 7.9″ screen on the ...
Sam Lewis: Intern Diary
Thank you for reading the intern diary over the last few weeks, I hope it has been as fun to read as it has been to write. The point of course, is to try and share the experience of interning at FabriQate and to offer a unique insight to the way we work. The intern’s point of view is like no-one elses; they have a fresh perspective on things and ...
Take your app to the next level on iPhone 5!
The iPhone 5 has been in the market for a few weeks now, and as expected, is already getting massive traction. Many apps have been optimised for iPhone 5 but iPhone 5 ready apps still represent a vast minority in the market. Owners of apps, be it in companies who’s business revolve around their app, or brands with an app, need to know how the iPhone 5 effects ...
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