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We are a global technology innovation firm working with connected devices to create the best customer experience ecosystems in retail, banking, healthcare and more. We have built our reputation on delivering on these ideas and transforming customer experiences. And technology plays the core piece our work.
We believe that the new age of connected devices finally allows us to amplify these ideas to reality. By bringing together inventors, strategists, designers and engineers under one-roof, we create that reality.We want to see great ideas come to life in the world we live. And our global footprint helps us learn from each other while still thinking locally.
Come and talk to us in London, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne and now Dubai.
To-do list with personality
CARROT calls itself a “to-do list with personality,” which is pretty accurate. It appears as a more minimal HAL 9000-esque robot with character traits similar to GLaDOS, which is to say it’s an intelligent circle that doesn’t like you very much. Of course, you can change CARROT’s opinion somewhat by doing your work. Adding and completing tasks earns you favor and points.
People Are Going To Start Talking To Ads
Wanting in on the booming mobile ad market, Nuance developed a way for people to chat with ads much as they do with Siri on the iPhone. Called Voice Ads, the technology works off the Internet connection of any iOS or Android mobile device. Nuance’s voice-ad technology is available today through the mobile ad frameworks of Jumptap,  Millennial Media, and Opera Mediaworks.
Prosthetic hands controlled by iPhone app
Five years later, Koger has become the first double hand amputee to be fitted with prosthetic replacements that can be controlled with a mobile app. Unlike the conventional prosthetics doctors have long relied on to this point, which are limited to simple tasks, the new hands — designed by Touch Bionics — contain individual motors that grant unique movement to each finger.
How to make virtual bidding fun
Tophatter is a social shopping product. The vision, according to CEO Ashvin Kumar and COO Andrew Blachman, is to bring a fun, personal touch back to online auctions — the closest equivalents, Kumar said, aren’t sites like eBay, but instead the Home Shopping Network and QVC. So Tophatter tries to recapture the live auction experience — the auctions can be held in a variety of virtual rooms, the attendees each have ...
Personal-computer shipments plummeted
Personal-computer shipments plummeted in every region of the world in the first quarter as buyers opted for smartphones and tablet computers and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)’s newest operating system met with weak demand. Global PC unit shipments fell 14 percent in the first quarter — the worst such decline on record — to 76.3 million, a bigger drop than the 7.7 percent decline IDC had forecast, the market researcher said in ...
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