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We are a global technology innovation firm working with connected devices to create the best customer experience ecosystems in retail, banking, healthcare and more. We have built our reputation on delivering on these ideas and transforming customer experiences. And technology plays the core piece our work.
We believe that the new age of connected devices finally allows us to amplify these ideas to reality. By bringing together inventors, strategists, designers and engineers under one-roof, we create that reality.We want to see great ideas come to life in the world we live. And our global footprint helps us learn from each other while still thinking locally.
Come and talk to us in London, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne and now Dubai.
AirType: A portable keyless keyboard
As gesture controlled devices become a hot commodity on the tech scene, startups all around the world are creating more and more gesture devices to build their own business. Created by a Texas-based hardware and machine learning startup, AirType is one of the devices that may bring us to a better working experience. AirType is a pair of curved hard plastic cuffs that can attach to your hands and ...
Ride to work with Rocketskates, the world’s first smart wearable mobility
Rocketskates are not really powered by rockets but have onboard motors allow you to zip to work. The electric, motorized roller skates are featured 50w DC hub motors with on-board microprocessor. Strapped on over regular footwear, the skates are controlled entirely by moving your feet. ‘Remote controllers? We don’t need remote controls! Your hands are now free for interpretive dance moves as you cruise about town- your feet control the skates,’ ...
PocketScan, a full-function scanner you can put in pockets
Scanning documents is not such a chore any more since we have apps to connect our mobile devices and scanners. However, the creators of PocketScan want it to be easier and smaller. Created by Switzerland-based Dacuda, the PocketScan is as big as a stapler, measuring about 2 inches tall, 3.75 inches long and 1 inch wide.
Google Now Alarm can wake you up before your stop
Feel asleep on the train? Miss your stop again on the bus? Google Now is here to help. A new update to the app will sounds off an alarm shortly before your stop. Google Now probably already knows your daily routes, so it’s not too hard for the app to determine which stop you usually get off at and give you a gentle nudge to wake you up when you are ...
Scribble pen lets you draw any color on earth
  Imagine how cool it would be to paint a flower with a pen that captures the exact colors from your garden and puts them on a piece of paper. Scribble, a gizmo with fantastic color magic, can let you scan and draw any color in existence. With a 16-bit GRB color sensor, an ARM 9 processor and 1GB storage, it is claimed that the pen can retain as many as ...
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